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by anonymous
I am having difficulty establishing a connection to a TRM250 unit In North America (Detroit Michigan)

I have tried Both M2M and Onomondo sim providers on all available networks.

Sim card setup configured for North America.

The TRM250 is connected to a Raspberry Pi running lates drivers.

The Unit works fine in the UK with both sim providers.

Just wanted to know if there are any known issues with the TRM250 in the States?

Does the Linux scripts for the US differ in the way it connects, from the UK providers

1 Answer

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by anonymous

TRM250 is not certified to be used in with North America market carriers and might does not work.

You might try t-mobile as I think they don't require any certs to work, other than that I am not really sure what is happening, you could try to see what type of state the modem is in, is it denied or just disconnected