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Hi I have a router rut955 and installed the rms and the teltonika router app.hardware rev 1105

Rms works. When I open the router app I put my router login (user is admin then my password ) but it wont log in.

I just get an error asking me to check I am connected to the router.

I am via my wifi connection.

Phone is a Samsung s10 wont work on my mobile chrome browser.

I just want the ability to adjust the router sim settings via my phone without having to connect my laptop to the router by ethernet.



2 Answers

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by anonymous

Hello Jay

Which firmware version do you currently use? Seems like the router is unreachable from your phone if you can't reach it both through app and web browser. Can you try disabling mobile data connection and leaving only Wi-Fi on your phone and try again?

I also cant log in to the Android Rut Management app with  my S8+. I only receive the message:

Please check if connected to router

I can access my router Rut950 with my S8+ using

I use the latest Rut9xx_R_00.06.03.2 firmware

Any idea how to use the app?
by anonymous
I successfully connected to the router using RUT management app on a fresh install of 06.03.2.

Maybe you are using Hotspot feature instead of Access Point?

Also could you check if your phone's IP is not blocked from accessing the router? System > Administration > Access Control > Safety > List Of Blocked Addresses
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The same issue: RUT 950 RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1 samsung s8. 

error: "Please check if connected to router"