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by anonymous


RUT241 SN:  1123644997

Warum geht dieser Router immer offline.

Alle LED grün, genug Credit und ausreichend Datenvolumen.

Auch mit der aktuellen Firmware.....

Das >Ding fliegt bald raus..........

1 Answer

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by anonymous


RMS side indicates that the last time the router has attempted to connect to the system was tree days ago.

Can you confirm that you have reliable data connection?

A couple of other things you can try:

  • Reboot the device;
  • If the device firmware was updated with keeping configuration from previous version, reset your device to factory default settings (in router's WebUI go to System -> Backup -> Restore default settings).
  • Check, if your device has correct time set in the WebUI Services -> NTP -> General page. Synchronize with browser, if necessary.
  • If possible, try reinitiating connection to RMS by sending SMS to the device with the following syntax:
    • <router_password> rms_connect
      • Replace <router_password> with the password used to login to router's WebUI.
  • Login to the device via SSH and execute the following command:
    • /etc/init.d/rms_mqtt restart 
  • Lastly, could you unregister the device from router's WebUI Services -> Cloud solutions -> RMS and re-add it again?

Best regards,

by anonymous


danke für die Info.
Das hat mit dem <router_password> rms_connect  offensichtlich funktioniert.
Der RUT-241 ist jetzt wieder online.

Meine Frage:
Was ist das für ein Fehler? 
Das ist bereits das zweite mal...

by anonymous
A similar case of showing device offline in RMS, while in fact it has internet connection, is under investigation, but no conclusive cause is known at the moment.

There is also an update in development, on how connections to RMS are handled, which should help avoid such scenarios. It is planned to be included in 7.05 firmware.

Best regards,