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by anonymous
Hallo Zusammen,

ich versuche aktuell eine Verbindung zwischen dem RUTX50 und einer Fritzbox 7590 aufzubauen.

Leider ohne Erfolg. IPsec und Wireguard bekomme ich keine Verbindung in der Fritzbox angezeigt.

Gibt es hier eine Config Guide für oder könnte hier jemand vielleicht unterstützen ?


1 Answer

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by anonymous


While we do not have any configuration examples with Fritzbox in particular, we do have a few examples for IPsec for devices from different manufacturers:

In order to help you troubleshoot the issues with the tunnel, I will need some more information. In particular:

  • On the RUTX50, replicate the issue of the tunnel not establishing, then navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot and generate a troubleshoot file. This file can be attached to the original post and will only be visible to Teltonika moderators;
  • On the Fritzbox, take the screenshots of the IPsec configuration and attach them along with the troubleshoot file;

This information will hopefully help me to determine where the issue could be. A few things to doublecheck for IPsec:

  • Make sure the pre-shared key is the same for both sides;
  • Make sure Phase 1 and Phase 2 settings are identical on both devices;
  • Make sure the left (local) and right (remote) identifiers are set correctly on both devices. I.E. let's say if the local identifier is Peter123, on the Fritzbox this will be the remote identifier on the Fritzbox;


Best regards,