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I have a RUT950 and have created a hotspot, with a session with limited download. I have created a user with the limited session attached and landing page signin etc all work fine. My problem is that the limit is applied to the user as a whole not to individuals that are signed in on the guest user. I can't have seperate usernames for each user as this is for access by visitors. Any help appreciated.

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Not sure what is your current configuration, but I assume you're using Authentication mode: Without Radius, which will allow you to put data/speed limit to the whole created user, but not to individual WiFi users.

If your goal is to limit each  WiFi user's data consumption, you should tried using Authentication mode: MAC auth, which will put data restricts based on the users MAC addresses, that way each user will be limited to data, that you set.

Using MAC auth  you can also enable password protection, so that unwanted users will not be able to connect to your Hotspot.

You can add data restrictions in Session Settings section.

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