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by anonymous
Hi!Teltonika team

I have rut955 device before device was working well with serial port rs232 which was in use with dse plc 7320mkii but suddenly this stop to function rs232 disappear on webui.

Please assist to know what cause it and how to restore it becuase I have this scenario to more than one device.

below  I have attach troubleshoot file

1 Answer

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by anonymous


This sounds more like hardware related failures and in this case the solution would be to simply return defective routers for replacement or warranty repair, as based on the serial number from the attached file, the device does have a valid warranty.

Also, how many devices are affected? 

Are they from the same batch? What is their hardware revision? (These details can be checked in router's WebUI Status -> System)

Are they all running the same firmware?

Could you login to the router, execute command below and share the output:

  • ls /dev/rs*

Best regards,