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by anonymous

Good morning / afternoon.


I need some help to stablish a connection between a Teltonika TRB245 and a cluster of HiveMQ broker. I think i need to do it because im devolping a solution for a cliente that needs to control an AO and a DO form a DigiRail Connect Ramix DO ETH using MQTT protocol.


I tryed to connect the TRB245 and the HiveMQ cluster by only ussing the TRB245/Service/Modbus/MqttModbusGateway config, setting the HiveMQ Cluster config (port 8883 and logging data and SSL avaible) from the HiveMQ broker as explain in Wiki link (TRB245 Modbus - Teltonika Networks Wiki ( but it doesnt work at all. Also tryed ussing the HiveMQ port and logging data and SSL avaible in the TRB245/Service/MQTT/Bridge and in TRB245/Service/Modbus/MqttModbusGateway config setting the same config in both, and also tryed to set it up in the TRB245/Service/MQTT/Bridg and the TRB245/Service/Modbus/MqttModbusGateway config setting up the local broker data, and also without succes.


I don´t know where i have the misteaken config or what else try out.


Please, i need it, im running out of time and in the Wiki from teltonika there is no more info about this subject.

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by anonymous


First, you can disable the MQTT bridge if you do not need it.

To configure MQTT Modbus Gateway to send data to you your private instance of MQTT broker in HiveMQ cloud, please, do the following:

Download a CA file from the HiveMQ page. Login to your HiveMQ cloud and navigate to getting started -> mosquitto. Scroll down the page until you find the link to the CA certificate. It may be positioned within the text discussing older versions of Mosquitto. Please note that even though we are using a newer version of Mosquitto, obtaining the CA file is still required in our case.

Go to your TRB device and navigate to System -> Administration -> Certificates and generate 'Simple' certificates. This will take some time to generate. On the top of the same page, go to the certificates manager tab and download client.cert.pem and client.key.pem. Then, in the Modbus -> MQTT gateway:

  • Set your connection string
  • port 8883
  • Other specific information such as topics, username and password.
  • Enable 'use TLS/SSL' 
  • Enable 'TLS insecure'
  • CA file -> Upload CA file downloaded from HiveMQ cloud as mentioned previously. 
  • Certificates file -> upload client.cert.pem generated from the router.
  • Key file -> client.key.pem generated from the router.

In this case, the client.cert.pem and the client.key.pem are simply dummy certificates (key) needed for the service. However, CA file needs to be a valid CA file from the broker.

Kind Regards,