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I would like the send NMEA GPS to a computer on  the LAN side of a RUT955.  I can do this for a single destination address, but I would like to

send it to the link local broadcast address (  Somehow this does not seem to work.  I can set any address, but that one does

not seem to work.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this not supported?  (I think sending broadcast UDP requires setting a socket option on Linux so if they do

not set this option in sources it wil not work.)

And a related question, has anybody successfully sent to a multicast address from the RUT955?  That requires some more coding on the

receiver end, but is a good alternative to the broadcast).


Rob Lievaart

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Could you tell me more about your solution? What exactly you want to make and what problem you want to solve with this?
I have the same issue. I want send nmea data to local Lan broadcast x.x.x.255 address with UDP on port 10110. Then I have multiple devices In the lan reading nmea data from udp port 10110.
I have the same issue. As my devices on the network receive their IP by DHCP it would be fantastic if I could broadcast the GPS by UDP on a set port.

I've tried with the IP broadcast field (Under LAN) set to and also tried by leaving it blank, but GPS only work when specifying the IP of the device receiving the GPS by UDP