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by anonymous
The RUT OS app is still not working after months!

I did a total upgrade of recent firmware and all the correct data is in de app, mobile is connected with same wifi, but nog working

i get the message : ( Device with Speciified IP adress or wifi is Unreachable )

please help with this bug

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Could you provide more details on what device are you running the app on?

What is the Teltonika device and its firmware version that you are unable to reach?

Could give a description on how exactly the described issue is encountered and supplement it with a screenshot?

Best regards,
by anonymous


Im using a samsung S10 latest android 12 version



Im connected with my Wifi network, the RUT955 that is set as a accespoint send the wifi network ( using a data sim card ) where im connected with.

Normaly i used the app to scan for wifi networkd around my van, so i can connect with them. After a couple of updates no apps working correctly anymore. And the Wifi app is not supported anymore.

best regards

 PS uploading a foto on the platform is really old fashion, so not working..just got this message:


Device with specified IP adres or wifi is unreachable

by anonymous

I hope this foto works 

by anonymous
Cannot replicate the issue. Do you have an opportunity to test it with another smartphone?

Also, the app has been recently updated. Did you try to update it on your phone?

Another thing to try is to reset your router to default settings and try to add it again.

Best regards,