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by anonymous
Hallo Support,

Ich habe eine DYNDNS adresse von habe die Adresse mit DDNS eingebunden. Der Status ist grün und und die IP Adresse wird angezeigt. Jedoch bekomme mit ping keine Antwort alle Anfragen gehen verloren. Haben Sie eine Idee?

Vielen Dank
Noch zur Info ich nutze für die Internet Verbindungen jeweils die Sim Karten sowie abgegriffene Wlans.
Da ich den Router im Wohnmobil benutze.


1 Answer

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by anonymous



While the status is green, the interface also shows that the address has never been updated.

I will ask you to navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot and generate a troubleshoot file. This file can be attached to the original post and will only be visible to Teltonika moderators.

A few things to check could be:

  • Make sure the DDNS service provider is selected as;
  • Make sure the Lookup hostname and Domain options are set to <MYZONE>, where <MYZONE> is the zone created in dynv6;
  • The password should be the key provided by dynv6;
  • Enable the Use HTTP secure option;

More information can be found in this Dynv6 forum thread.


Best regards,

by anonymous

hello, the troubleshoot file is uploaded! Thanks very much

by anonymous



I've created an account for to test the functionality of this service, and here are the following parameters that I used to configure DDNS:

  • Lookup hostname: your zone name (e.g.;
  • Domain: the same as the lookup hostname;
  • DDNS service provider:;
  • Username: leave empty;
  • Password: The password provided in ddclient configuration instructions:
  • For the IP address source, it depends on how you'd like to update the address. If you'd like to push the IP address assigned to a specific interface, simply select Custom and choose which network you'd like to update the IP address from;
  • However, if the RUT950 is behind NAT, and you'd like to get the public IP address of the upstream NAT device, you can select the option Public. This is also a good option if you have failover configured and need to know the current IP address regardless of the interface;

In your particular case, the issue might be with the username or password (they are hidden in the troubleshoot file). Also, make sure the correct interface is used to retrieve the IP address.


Best regards,

by anonymous

Hello, it works, then the password and username were swapped in the documentation for Dynv6. However, I have to restart the router after switching the interfaces from wireless to mobile or vice versa. But I can live with that, it doesn't happen that often. Now my next step is to create a wireguard between the Rut950 and my fritzbox 7590. Is there a guide where to enter the data from the Fritz config file in the rut950. Unfortunately, you can't upload the config file?

Thanks again



by anonymous



Which VPN service are you looking to configure?

If you're looking to create an OpenVPN tunnel, then it also depends on what authentification method you will be using. Either way, we have a configuration example on how to configure OpenVPN on our Wiki, here.

IPsec should also be an option, configuration examples can be found here.


Best regards,
Daumantas G.