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I have asked this question already, but received no useful answer. You will find it here : click here

Has any progress been done on this subject?

Yesterday I have experienced a bug that may have been fixed in a later version.

The bug was :

I am using SMS with http GET method. It happened yesterday that the SMS sending and receiving stopped working. I tried to send a "status" SMS (It is configured to execute this command) and I got no answer. I then connected my computer using wifi to the WebUI that looked normal, except that in SMS Utilities/Read SMS, the web server hangs. I could see other pages, but the Read SMS page kept hanging each time I tried to show it.

I rebooted the router and the operation resumed normally.

I am eager to install a newer version hoping my router to be more robust.

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by anonymous

RUT900 is an end-of-life device, meaning that it is no longer being manufactured nor supported.

Regarding the latest legacy firmware update, it is unlikely that the update included any solutions related to your issue, as its primary objective was to provide security patches for a few critical vulnerabilities. This is the case with legacy firmware updates now, to accommodate security updates and occasional hardware related changes.

Please send a troubleshoot file in a private message. It might provide more insight into the issue, though the best solution would be to replace your device to, for example, RUT951.

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