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by anonymous

I am seeing this problem on all of the RUTX11 that I have tested, running 7.04.2

I cannot load the statistics for Status → Mobile Usage → Month (or Total). The page just shows a spinner and eventually times out with an error "Failed to load mobile usage data". Screenshot below. Day and Week view works fine. This persists after a reboot.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Seems to be fixed in 7.04.3. Actually no, the bug is still present in 7.04.3.

by anonymous
Did you do an upgrade retaining settings?

I had the same issue on 7.04.0 and upgraded to and still seeing the same 'Failed to load mobile usage data" message
by anonymous

Yes I did retain the settings. I'll test it again to be sure the bug is still gone. You're right, the bug is still there.