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by anonymous
Hi the community.

I have an issue with the wan connection of my starlink dish on my RUT955. I spent a lot of time reeding your post, trying a lots of config but i don't find any solution.

The problem : i have network / internet and good connection (over 150mbs) when i plug the ethernet cable in my computer or my ipad (The Starlink app works great) but no way to have an ip adress on my RUT 955. Have you got an idea before i install a new router ?

Find enclosed the troubleshoot file.

Thanks for your help :-)


1 Answer

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by anonymous


Could you check your Starlink DHCP settings? After the cable is plugged into RUT955 WAN port the router does make attempts to request for an IP address, but does not receive any reply:

Thu May 18 13:45:49 2023 daemon.notice netifd: wan (17436): udhcpc: broadcasting discover
Thu May 18 13:45:52 2023 daemon.notice netifd: wan (17436): udhcpc: broadcasting discover
Thu May 18 13:45:55 2023 daemon.notice netifd: wan (17436): udhcpc: broadcasting discover

It could be that, if you have connected Starlink to your PC first, its WAN IP was assigned to your computer's network interface, thus is now associated with its MAC address.

There are a couple alternatives:

  • Wait until the lease expires in Starlink;
  • Login to RUT955 WebUI, navigate to Network -> Interfaces -> General, edit wan interface settings, switch to Advanced settings tab and enter your computer network interface's MAC in Override MAC address option field.

Best regards

Best answer
by anonymous

Hi and thanks  

It doesn't work unfortunately... Things very strange is there is a little bit of kb / mb in TX and RX growing consuption when the Starlink rj45 is connected to WAN port.

Other things very strange (for me :-) ), when i put the rj45 in the WAN port, (one time) it was Up for approx 4s (with an ip adress) then down continualy. 

In the same time i'm writing to you, the connection was up but with no internet disponibility... I made a new troubleshoot you can find enclosed. 

Futhermore, i cannot make a speedtest on the Starlink app (screenshot enclosed).

Thanks for your help. 



by anonymous

Here the link regarding the new troubleshoot :

Ps : i'm currently connected with my phone connection sharing (rj45 link on it). It works perfectly.

Thanks again for your help.