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by anonymous
Hi there,

When sending a sms with a RUT95x modem to a mobile that is not reachable, and the queue of the network provider is full (max. 30 sms) then we get a '200 OK command: Error'

Because this 'error' is not specific, we cannot tailor a process to it.

Is there a possibility that the feedback is more specific like other manufacturers who give an '+CMS error 47'. This makes it possible to send a text message again based on the error or not. Now we do not know exactly the error and we send the SMS again. This causes a timeout every 2 minutes. No other SMS can be sent in these 2 minutes. As a result, the queue with SMS regularly increases.

Would love to hear from you.

1 Answer

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by anonymous



Firstly, make sure you are using the latest firmware, as it contains some changes on the mobile side.

Now as per your question, am I correct in assuming that you are using the WebUI to send SMS?

If so, there are a few more options, that could return a response from the modem like you described:

  • Using gsmctl
    • The command to send SMS using gsmctl would look like so:
    • gsmctl -S -s "<phone_number> <text_message>"
    • Keep in mind that the phone number and the text message must be inside the quotes. Symbols < and > are not needed.
  • Using ubus
    • The command to send SMS using ubus will look like so:
    • ubus call gsm.modem0 send_sms '{"number":"<phone_number>","text":"<message_text>"}'
    • Keep in mind, that ubus uses JSON format, so the output would need to be parsed accordingly:
Let me know if any additional information is needed!


Best regards,

by anonymous
Hi DaumantasG,

Thanks for your comment. No I don't use WebUI but the API. Does this change any of your options?
by anonymous
Not really, if you are using JSON-RPC the ubus option will probably be the best, as it will simplify the parsing and sending of data.

Let me know if an example is needed.

Best regards,
by anonymous
Thanks, I'll continue with it next week

I know where to find you with questions
by anonymous
Sure! Will be awaiting results.