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by anonymous

I am new here on this forum.
Bought a rut 360 today.
Now I want to connect to the rut 360 via my phone and it then connects to my linksys router.
I have found my network and let it connect incl password.
Somehow I can't connect.
It works with a UTP cable.
I want to use the rut 360 at the campsite.
The rut 360 then connects to a WiFi signal at the campsite.
Is there anyone can explain to me how I can get established.
Hopefully my explanation is clear

2 Answers

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by anonymous


Please tell me, if I understand your topology correctly:
Linksys router < - WiFi - > RUT360 < - WiFi - > Mobile phone

Where RUT360 basically acts as a WiFi extender and the configuration you have attempted is as shown in this video. Is that the case?

The first thing to check is whether Linksys and RUT360 are on different subnets. 

However, considering that wired connection works (I assume LAN port of Linksys is connected to RUT360 WAN port), I suggest to make sure that the wireless key used is correct.

If none of the above resolves your issue, I would like you to attach a troubleshoot file to your question. Please, replicate the issue by first attempting to connect RUT360 to your Linksys router, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there. The logs in the file might provide more insight into the issue.

Best regards,

by anonymous
I had already watched this video and performed it exactly.
My network at home shows green. Still I can't get a connection.
I want to use the rut 360 at the campsite.
I then want to connect to the wifi at the campsite for internet.
Phone -- Rut 360 -- wifi campsite -- internet
Telephone -- Rut 360 -- 4G does work.
This is done with a SIM card.
Telephone -- Rut 360 -- Lan connection also works.

I've seen the troubleshooting log, but I can't figure it out. Too much data.

My english is not very good, that's why I work with a translator.
best regards

by anonymous
Could you send the troubleshoot file to me in a private message?

Best regards,
by anonymous

Could you login to the router's WebUI, navigate to Network -> Wireless, edit general wireless interface settings and change the Width setting to 40MHz, and see if that helps?.

Best regards,

by anonymous
I did a firmware update last weekend.
Rut 360 has been restarted, watched the video again and performed exactly the same.
Only 4g and lan works.
Wifi network does give a green running signal, but cannot connect to the internet.

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by anonymous
I have now found 40 Mhz, but it does not work.
The picture is not the same as on my screen
I find it quite complicated with all those settings.
I had hoped it would be simple.
If I take the Rut 360 on holiday and I want to connect to a WiFi signal at the campsite, it becomes quite complicated to set all the settings correctly.

Perhaps another system is simpler.

I keep hoping that it will turn out well.

I've also tried other forums, but they didn't work out either.


by anonymous
I reset the Rut, because now I can't get a connection at all.
No 4g, no lan.
Too many changes I think.
What is the best solution ??

by anonymous

Try firmware update, following instructions here. They are for RUT240, but the steps described should also apply to your device.

by anonymous
I've been working on the Rut for a few hours now.
I think it's a bit too complicated for me.

Soon I will take the Rut to the campsite and see if it works there.

It is of course possible that the Rut together with the Linksys causes problems.