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by anonymous


An old issue is back, the rule 2062 has struck again:

  1. from the router itself, ping -4 succeeds
  2. from any lan device, it fails with a "Destination Net Unreachable" diagnostic.

ip -4 rule show returns:

root@lgrrutx:/etc/hotplug.d/iface# ip -4 rule show
0: from all lookup local
1: from all nop
1002: from all iif wwan0 lookup 2
2002: from all fwmark 0x200/0x3f00 lookup 2
2061: from all fwmark 0x3d00/0x3f00 blackhole
2062: from all fwmark 0x3e00/0x3f00 unreachable
3002: from all fwmark 0x200/0x3f00 unreachable
32766: from all lookup main
32767: from all lookup default

The 2062 rule seems to be the culprit, the workaround is the same as before add code to /etc/mwan3.user to delete it:

[ "$ACTION" == "ifup" ] && [ "$DEVICE" == "wwan0" ] && {
   ip -4 rule show | grep 2062 && ip -4 rule delete $(ip -4 rule show | grep 2062 | cut -d":" -f 2) 
#  ip -6 rule show | grep 2062 && ip -6 rule delete $(ip -6 rule show | grep 2062 | cut -d":" -f 2)

A similar rule for IPv6 is present but doesn't seem to harm this time.


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by anonymous


Could you tell, if the issue has appeared on the device, which was updated with Keep settings option enabled?

It was previously observed, that this issue happens on devices, which are upgraded from RUTOS 2.6 to RUTOS 7.0+ with Keep settings enabled, which would then result in mob1s1a1 and mob1s2a1 interfaces in mwan3 config have option track_ip configured, instead of list track_ip, which caused mobile interfaces to be incorrectly tracked. This should have been resolved with 7.3 version though.

Could you check and edit /etc/config/mwan3 file to contain proper options, if they are, in fact, incorrect?

Otherwise, could you reset the router to factory defaults?

If the issue persists afterwards, I would like you attach a troubleshoot file to your question. Make sure the issue is present before generating the file.

Best regards,

by anonymous
I was aware of the track_ip syntax pitfall, it is correct since Aug 2 2022 at least. The router was upgraded from 07.02.7 to 07.04.2 then 07.04.3 with keep settings enabled.

I'll replace the RUTX11 with a RUTX50 in the next few days, I'll perform a reset then.