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by anonymous
I'd like to debug on the device but i can't find any option to add the gdb package using "make menuconfig". Can anyone give me a hint on how to do it?

PS: I made a GitHub Action, which builds the SDK to a Docker image. Hopefully this helps anyone interested to jumpstart development without the hassle to use Ubuntu 18.04 and the various installation quicks. See:

Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Go to "Advanced configuration options" enable "Toolchain options" go back to the main menu. "Build gdb" should now be visible.

Best answer
by anonymous
Just a followup - Will this create an ipk i can install on the router? I expected it to be a host-gdb and gdbserver combination like described here ( But gdb on the device would be nice aswell if flash/ram permits.

by anonymous
This gdb is not for the target. If you want it on the target then copy a package/devel/gdb from a vanilla OpenWrt tree to the SDK tree (in package/devel) and enable it in menuconfig->Development. You can also enable gdbserver and both will end in a generated ipk.

You can also add strace valgrind ...
by anonymous
Thanks! Works very good!