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by anonymous


Here it is as to induce the error:

  • Everything works fine, SIM with no PIN
  • Remove antena for some time. The modem losts LTE connectivity shows teh attempting to connect a mobile network operator via LEDs
  • Get antenna back. If this happend within couple a minutes it is OK. If this happens after hour or two the modem cannot get connectivity back!  It shows "No SIM card or incorrect PIN" by blinking all three diods. The signal diods are stable ON.

I am attaching the log where you can see at 16:30 disconenction (antenna removed) and 19:20 I put antenna back.

My mobile settings is default (auto everywhere).

Firewall version:  TRB1_R_00.07.03.4

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by anonymous


First, I would like you to update to the latest 7.4.3 firmware with Keep settings option disabled. Firmware can be downloaded from here.

Also, you are using automatically obtained APN setting. Could you disable Auto APN can in router's WebUI Network -> Interfaces -> General page, by editing mobile interface settings, disabling Auto APN slider button and, selecting APN option value as --Custom--, then entering APN according to your provider.

One more thing you could try is to configure periodic pings to some remote host for connection health checks and automatically restart connection or modem in case of disconnect. To do this, login to router's WebUI, navigate to Services -> Auto reboot -> Ping/Wget reboot. Create a new or edit existing default instance, enable it, set Action if no echo is received to Restart mobile connection, adjust other settings, if needed, otherwise, leave default values. 

Best regards,