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by anonymous
I have a  RUT240 and there is no way to wire to the I/O that I can see. The power supply cable is molded. I cut the cable and there is no Green or Yellow cable for the input and output and I can't get a wire into the molded plug without some modificaitons and it would be hard to make it look professional. Have I been given the wrong lead for my device?

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by anonymous



You have not been misled, RUT240 does have digital input and digital output pins. However, you most likely have an order code with a standard PSU. These PSUs are meant for powering the device only and to interact with the I/O, you'll need an additional accessory. This could be:

More powering options for our devices can be found here.

In your particular case, since you have already cut the original power cable, the best option might be to go with PR4MK04K, as you will be able to splice in the original cables and interact with the I/O pins.

These accessories can be purchased directly from us by contacting our sales managers or from resellers.


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