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by anonymous

We have updated many RUT240 equipments with our custom firmware.

Now, our custom firmware is rejected by RUT240 boot loader menu with error message "Error: Incorrect firmware file" .

  • There is problem only RUT240 has SERIAL number starts with "6".
  • There is NO problem RUT240 has SERIAL number starts with "1".

How can I update RUT240 with bootloader menu, which has SERIAL number starts with "6" ?

  • Example: RUT240 SERIAL = 6000041094
  • Our custom firmware is build with RutOS legacy SDK 1.14.5.
  • For firmware updating, we strongly prefer boot loader menu to skip updating process from RutOS7 to RutOS1
  • We want to update more RUT240 with our custom firmware
by anonymous

Also, I cannot write firmware "RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.6_WEBUI.bin" with boot loader menu into RUT240 has serial starts wth "6".

RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.6_WEBUI.bin is the firmware published on TELTONIKA RUT240 firmware page.

by anonymous
About this problem, I created a ticket on TELTONIKA helpdesk.

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by anonymous


The newer RUT240 devices are designed to only work with the latest RutOS versions (v7.0>), thus legacy firmware cannot be installed on them using the bootloader. In this case, the bootloader is too new and does not accept your custom firmware. You might need to recompile the SDK with your changes on the latest firmware or install the firmware via the WebUI.

My colleagues will provide more information on the Helpdesk platform if needed.


Best regards,