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by anonymous


I run a RUT950 in a caravan and would like to upgrade my video surveillance to 4 cameras, ideally PoE. The manufacturer description is 48V PoE.

(To be honest, its not that easy to find out about if a certain PoE, passive in the RUT950 case, is supporting / powering the camera or not. And just stating PoE and nice ONVIF protocol seems not sufficient, so Im a bit lost for now).

So, the two questions are (I guess) 

1. is the RUT950 passive PoE capable of powering 4x a 'standard', small, almost barebone camera from Aliexpress. There is no ampere listed, but I assume its consumption is pretty low.

2. IP camera data is still transferred through the ethernet cable and transmitted over the internal SIM card?

Sorry if those questions seem a bit unprofessional, just getting started with that setup (again). Any insight is highly appreciated, if I got sth wrong or am missing sth completely blush

Thanks in advance,


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by anonymous



We are glad to answer any questions that you might have!

RUT950 does not support the output of PoE, it can only be powered via passive PoE on the LAN1 port only.

Thus to power the cameras, you'd need a PoE switch. Since the cameras are rated for 48V, I assume they are using 802.3at/af (active PoE), as this is in the range of the voltage for these standards. So the switch would need to support active PoE.

From our lineup, I'd suggest considering our TSW101, which can be powered by 9-30VDC, and outputs the active PoE voltages. It supports 30W per port, and 60W maximum total, so it should not be an issue to power these cameras. It was designed with vehicle use in mind, so your use case is perfect for it. We have a similar one described here.

If TSW101 is the switch you will choose, please keep in mind, that it should not be plugged into the LAN1 port of any Teltonika device as described here.

And as for the data transfer, that is correct. PoE uses unused pairs in Ethernet cables for power, and the rest are for data, thus only one cable is needed.

Let me know if any additional information is needed!


Best regards,

Best answer
by anonymous
Hi DaumantasG,

thank you for the warm welcome and the probably perfect answer! Looks like the ideal solution to the task.

So I would wire the TSW101 to the car power line, connect the 4 cameras to the PoE ports and the 5th to one of the RUT950 ports? Great, this even gives the simple option of adding a power switch to the TSW101 which would switch the cameras on/off.

Looks like a straight forward process to me, and even other devices could be added the same way in the future.


Cant wait to get that installed ;)

Have a good day, kind regards,

by anonymous
Correct, everything can be done as you described, just make sure to use LAN2 or LAN3 port on the RUT950 to connect the cameras.

Let us know if you encounter any issues!


Best regards,