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by anonymous
I have a problem that sometimes occure.
If i change the config alot or after a power failure the lan port seems to disconnect all traffic.
Its not possible to ping devices and ARP shows nothing. Allmost like the LAN-port is disabled. I cant remember right now if the LAN port lights where on or not. Problem persist even after reboot, but it fixes itself if i disconnect the powercable to the Rut240 for a few minutes.

Is it possible to do like a power cycle from webGUI or CLI?

1 Answer

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by anonymous



Firstly, I'd recommend updating to the latest firmware, as no issues similar to yours have been reported on it.

If the reboot from the WebUI does not help, then there aren't many other options than physically plugging the power cable out.

You could try logging into the device via CLI and run this command, which will reset the switch:

swconfig dev switch0 set soft_reset 1

Let me know how it goes.


Best regards,