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by anonymous
Hi to all, I'm noe to Teltonika products due I'm migrating from Conel devices...

1) about DDNS: is there a way to check DDNS update success? I often can't  understand if failure would be due to wrong DDNS parameters or routing...

2) I need to use RUT230 behind firewall, with private IP assigned to LAN from gateway.
RUT230 DDNS service correctly gets WAN IP, so DNS is updated with private IP.
I would like get public IP address using ( I can correctly get public IP, check with nslookup and update DNS with custom script), is there a way to change RUT230 DDNS service to do the same?


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by anonymous


2) To always get public IP select "Public" from "IP source" drop down list in DDNS setting ( I'm guessing you are using the default value "Custom" which won't work in your case.

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by anonymous

For the first question, after successful DDNS update in Services → DDNS by the status you should see the timestamp of last IP check or update. Also if DDNS was configured properly and http access to router is enabled in System → Administration → Access Control you should be able to connect to router via given domain name.

If I understood your second question correctly, you want to setup DDNS on RUT230 which has private WAN IP address? To setup DDNS, you need to have either static or dynamic public IP address, trying to setup DDNS with private IP address wont work.
by anonymous
Yes, my WAN IP is private IP, that's why I need to get public IP through
by anonymous
As I mentioned before, using DDNS with private IP address is not possible.
by anonymous
Of course, is not possible... with standard DDNS service provided on Rut230.
That's why I ask for someway to modify DDNS script on RUT230 (if possible).

@Elberto there is a good topic on private and public IP addresses.

hope it helps you to understand why it is not possible with DDNS service.

by anonymous
You misunderstood or I don't speak english so well: I know I can't directly access to private ip, but I'm not talking about private ip of WAN, I need to discover public ip of gateway.
My question is only this: how embed my script on RUT230 DDNS service.
No man, you need to have a server somewhere with public ip wehre your private ip can initate connection, and through this connection you can transfer to remote connections, meaning with your private setup only option you have is to initate connection locally thorugh a 3rd party public server just like teamviewer,