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we use the TRB142 to connect an old device with it's RS232 data interface to an external server.

Works great so far, but our customers need to have SSL/TLS encrypted data connections - are there any chances to get these RS232 TCP client connection within an SSL tunnel ?

In RUT955 we use an internal loopback to a listening stunnel socket, but I couldn't find anything comparable on the TRB142 yet.

Or is it possible to install an stunnel plugin ?

Thanks in advance for your help/ideas.


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You can easily use the OpenVPN tunnel.

Create an OpenVPN tunnel and use tunnel endpoint address for TCP/IP configuration in RS232 service.

Hi anonymous,

thanks for your idea - you're right, that's a possibility to encrypt the data on it's way through the internet, 

but it's not a simple SSL/TLS tunnel, it's far more (complicated) than stunnel.

Take HTTP for example, put it within a SSL/TLS tunnel and you get a HTTPS connection. 

That's what I need for the RS232 Data connection and that's what the server we are connecting to is expecting. On the RUT955 we use exactly this encryption with great success - and that's what I'm looking for on the TRBs.


Teltonika have best RnD team. Maybe they add stunnel into new TRB firmware.