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by anonymous

I've had a recurring wan drop out since ditching my 4g service for starlink.

My starlink is a flat Hugh performance dish so comes with the Ethernet (rj45) ready to plug into the rutx11 wan port without using the starlink router at all.

I have configured the rutx11 the best I can with wan as instance one. No fail over. Wan is set on dhcp. I've tried limiting MTU to 1420, 1460 or 1472 without improvement. I have allow-dhcp-renew turned on.

My lan is set to static i.p and set to so not to conflict with the wan. The lan works 100% and never goes down.

My wan regularly goes down. Sometimes for 5 minutes sometimes 30 or more. When it goes down, reboot or nothing seems to help to get it back up. It seems to come back up when it's ready.

When it's down I am able to access my dish remotely through a 4g service to confirm the dish is still connected to the internet.

I do have two WAN instances. Instance 1 is WAN on dhcp and instance two is WAN6 on dhcpv6. I'm guessing that is correct as it comes from the factory settings.

At the moment wan instance 1 is down prohibiting internet connection but wan6 has remained up. Most of the time both will go down together.

I have attached a troubleshoot download file.

Firmware: RUTX_R_00.07.04

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by anonymous


We've had a few customers reach out regarding Starlink issues. I'd like to ask to organize a remote AnyDesk session to further troubleshoot the issue.

If it would be possible to organize such a session, I will ask you to send me a private message with the times that you would be available. Thank you.


Best regards,