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by anonymous

Hello there,

As per the subject line, I cannot get my RUT850 to connect to RMS. It either hangs on "Connecting" or fails with the message:

Failure (Error: Invalid function arguments provided.)

  • I have added the device in the RMS WebUI. 
  • In the "Name" field I put "RUT850".
  • In the serial number and LAN MAC address fields I entered the values displayed in the router's web interface System->Administration->RMS tab.
  • In the "Password" field I entered the "admin" user's password.

I have read this post and do not fully understand what the poster meant by "entered [an IP address] instead of the hostname". Entered it where?

I don't know how to proceed with this. I have read a lot of wiki pages, troubleshooting guides, and forum posts but cannot find out how to get this device to connect or what might be causing this issue. Many thanks for any advice!

3 Answers

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by anonymous

instead of

you can write

because that's the static ip address of the
above host. BUT that's not a good idea in
the long term because Teltonika seems to
be switching to multiple IPs on June, 19th.

Despite this i think that's a problem the
Teltonika guys will have to look at.


Timelapse Admin
by anonymous

Thanks so much, Timelapse Admin.

I followed this suggestion and replaced with in the hostname field of the router webUI ystem->Administration->RMS tab.

I also had a look at this wiki page about what ports to use. I've tried the ports listed there with the following results:

Port Connection state
80 Failure (Error: SSL failure.)
443 Connecting
15009 Failure
15010 Failure
15011 Connecting

For both the 443 and 15011 port, the connection never completes, it just sits on "connecting" indefinitely.

I hope this information is useful and greatly appreciate any advice anyone can offer.

by anonymous

I had a look at a few of my routers and they all use the name (which resolves to

and the Port 15009. I even factory-defaulted one (just to be sure
to give you the correct answer) and it has the same settings.

As already mentioned: you'll habe to wait for the Teltonika guys.

Timelapse Admin
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by anonymous

I think the RMS was going completely crazy the last two or so days.
Almost all of my routers had the green dot but were unreachable
although the devices behind the routers obvioulsy were online.

Seems that they are working on the systems and things are getting
back to normal.


Timelapse Admin
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by anonymous

Is the issue still relevant, is your device still getting RMS connectivity issues?

If that is still the case, please provide a serial number of your device and RMS company ID in a private message.

Best regards,
by anonymous

The MAC address you have entered in RMS, When adding the device was:

  • 00:1E:42:18:13:48

The MAC address in your settings is:

  • 00:1E:42:18:13:4A

Remove and re-add your device to the platform with this MAC.

Best regards,