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We have installed a RUT 240 in an industrial facility. It uses an AT&T sim card to allow some devices to send information to some servers. We installed them almost a year ago and we have been facing issues where the router lost connection and needs to be manually rebooted. This has happened around 8 times. I configured it to be rebooted automatically every Thursday but it keeps failing. What could be causing this?


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by anonymous


In situations like this, you can take advantage of the ping reboot functionality to address the issue. Specifically, you can configure the device to automatically restart the mobile modem if the pings fail. This approach avoids the need to reboot the whole device and there will be no need to restart the device manually. You can find more information on ping reboot here.

However, to investigate if there are any underlying and more serious issues with the device, I would like to ask you to generate a troubleshoot file after the issue occurs, i.e. when the connection is lost. Before restarting the device, please download a troubleshoot file from System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot. Afterward, attach the file by editing your question. The attached files are only visible to Teltonika moderators. The troubleshoot file may provide additional insights into the potential issue you are experiencing.

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