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by anonymous


i would like no use the ONT adapter that my ISP give me, can i use the SFP port in RUTXR1 to install a SFP GPON like this?

I add a diagram of the desired scenario to faciliate the understanding of my question. Thanks you!

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by anonymous


The SFP port on RUTXR1 can be used with standard SFP transceivers (SFP up to 1 Gbps is supports, SFP+ not). It can be any standard 3rd party SFP adapter, including multimode or single mode, but there might be some SFP adapters on the market that are designed to be compatible with specific devices. The recommendation is to avoid such adapters. Hence, I cannot guarantee that the SFP module that you have linked will work, but if you have it, you can give it a try. The standard GPON SFP Gbic modules may potentially work, though GPON ONT SFP has not been tested, so there is no guarantee.

There were a few SFP modules that were tested and were confirmed to work, such as the ones here and here. These are single mode, but there should not be any issues with multimode. 

However, since you are looking to replace ONT/ONU, I would strongly recommend contacting your ISP to see if you can use an SFP directly, and if so, what SFP should you use as these need to match on both sides. The ISP may use the MAC address, Serial number, and many other parameters to identify your ONT. So, the best approach would be to contact your ISP and see if you can use GPON ONT SFP Gbic in your case.

Kind Regards,


by anonymous

Hello Andzej, 

First of all, thanks you for your fast answer. Okay, i understand that you can use all that work with standard SFP so GPON ONT SFP should be work.

I was talking with my ISP and told me that you need to enter a "ONT ID" in the Internet configuration. Can the OS of RUTXR1 enter this information in the SFP?

Next is a configuration example of a FRITZ! Router with SFP. Thanks you!

by anonymous

To clarify, the GPON ONT SFP should not be mistaken for a regular SFP module. It is a more advanced device and may not be compatible with the RUTXR1 router. Since compatibility between the two has not been tested, I cannot definitively confirm whether it will work or not. If you have the GPON ONT SFP, you can give it a try.

Furthermore, it's important to note that you cannot set an ONT ID on the RUTXR1 router because it is not designed to be a GPON router. However, as mentioned earlier, GPON ONT SFPs are typically more complex and typically have their own web interface and IP address. They function as separate devices within the GPON network. Therefore, you should be able to configure the ONT ID directly on the GPON ONT SFP itself.

Kind Regards,