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by anonymous


My RMS connection fails and I can't get a connection with my router again. I know it is still up and even a remote reboot fails to get the remote connection back. I can't switch of the power from where I am so this is what it is.

I am just wondering about credits and the 10yrs management pack I have. Sorry to say but this whole thing about credits, access and data is a bl**dy mess. I just want to check if this is obstructing my connection. This is what I found in the RMS under my account resources:

I have no clue whether this is right or wrong and what I can do about it?

Someone mentioned to me about tokens and sms limits and moving of credits... Its a mess guys, jungle. please  who can help me out here?

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by anonymous


Could you tell, if your device is still experiencing connectivity to RMS issues? If it does, please provide a serial number and your company ID to have your device looked at.

Regarding RMS credits:

  • Credits are a sort of currency for Remote Management System (RMS) used to cover devices monitoring service and to provide RMS data for RMS Connect and VPN Services
    • 1 credit allows for a 30 day monitoring period of a single device. Monitoring service covers periodic collection of various metrics and performance parameters of Teltonika devices as well as WebUI and CLI access to those devices. 
    • For RMS data, a single credit provides 2 GB of data. Data for RMS Connect and VPN Services allow to access devices connected to Teltonika routers and gateways using several solutions: SSH, VNC, RDP, HTTP(S), SFTP or a VPN, which is based on OpenVPN.
  • There are more derivative credits packages called Management packs and Data packs:
    • Management packs provide monitoring for an extended period of time, either 5 or 10 years, for a device that pack is assigned to.
    • Data pack gives 150GB of data for the device it is assigned to and is used by RMS connect and RMS VPN services.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Yes, I lost my RMS connection (company 28760, serial 6000095272) since 2 days. I have remotely rebooted the router a number of times but no reconnection has been established. 

Then on the credits: I bought a 10 yrs management pack (would be 120 credits). I can't find any credits anywhere only that the service expiry date is 10 years from now. It's assigned to my router. I still have almost 5 GB data but it's unclear to me when, how and for what data is consumed. It's also not clear where it is reported. Again messy and not very intuitive!

I would have expected 120 credits which I could use for data as well... but obviously you can't.

All in all I am not very excited about this part of the otherwise impressive router.

by anonymous

I will ask to look at your device.

A few of the things you can try before that, though keep in mind that most of them will require access to the device:

  • If possible, try reinitiating connection to RMS by sending SMS to the router with the following syntax:
    • <router_password> rms_connect
      • Replace <router_password> with the password used to login to router's WebUI.
  • Login to the device via SSH and execute the following command:
    • /etc/init.d/rms_mqtt restart 
  • Login to router's WebUI, navigate to Services -> Cloud solutions -> RMS and simply press Save & Apply.

Regarding the pack, it is not simply 120 credits combined, but rather a separate package. I do see that it is assigned to the device and is valid until 2033-07-11 14:18:32.

Best regards,

by anonymous
The situation is that I am at least 8000km away from the location of the router and so I cannot login locally or change any settings. For that I need to be connected via RMS and I am not. And since I need to run a business on distance it's required I am connected. I am rescued by the fact that I can see that the router is up and running and as long as that is the case things continue. But if it fails somehow I will have an issue.

Furthermore I have tried multiple times the SMS utility but it has no effect. I tested it when the connection was still up. Regular messages like"hi" where nicely received. However commands where not. I left it with the perception that I wouldn't need it, but now I do and its not working.

And I keep repeating myself the credit system is a flaw, not transparant and not very flexible and Intuitive. And excellent way to upset your customers where you have technically the right products.

Please let me know once you had a look at the device.
by anonymous


Some changes were made from RMS side, however, it is still required that connection to RMS was reinitiated from the device.

Thus, you need to send SMS to the router. Two options are possible:

  • rms_connect


  • rms_off followed by another message with rms_on

I would also like you to share the screenshots with the SMS messages sent to the router in a private message.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Done, no effect.

I send you the screenprints by private message.