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by anonymous

Hi, one of our RUT240s is constantly disconnecting from the network. The log shows Mobile data disconnected (internal modem). I have attached the troubleshoot file. I have had this issue with multiple firmware versions. If someone could have a look and get back to me that would be greatly appreciated.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

At the time of file generation, the router was successfully connected to the mobile operator and had data connection established, but the connection is established only 15 minutes after boot, which is not normal. The file itself contains events from 20 minutes of router's uptime only. A file from several hours of device operation would be more informative.

However, within the captured timeframe there seems to be issues with the CPU retrieving data from the modem, thus restarting it at a certain point. This would indicate either hardware or firmware issues.

Considering that the firmware version of the internal modem is quite dated, I would suggest to try performing an update.

I will send you the instructions in a private message.

Best regards,