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by anonymous

does somebody have a functional setup of hotspot? I need to, if possible, create a hotspot for 1 device / 14 minutes / every 24 hrs

It is for the airport area where the customer just needs to receive OTP from another machine. There is no free internet in the area, so I would like to solve it this way.

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by anonymous



Are you experiencing any particular issues with the Hotspot configuration?


Yes, it's indeed possible to set time limits, as well as download and upload limits for Hotspot users. This can be configured in user group settings.


Hotspot has multiple authentication methods, such as user credentials, SMS OTP, Mac authentication (can set a static password), or using an external RADIUS server.


The reason I brought up different authentication methods is that there isn't a direct option within the Hotspot system to limit the number of simultaneous users. However, if you need to limit Hotspot to only one user at a time, you should be able to implement this restriction using a RADIUS server that manages user authentication.


Alternatively, you could configure firewall traffic rules to only allow specific devices, based on their IP or MAC addresses, to access the internet from the hotspot zone. This approach might be cumbersome and not very practical if you need to permit different devices to connect.


I suggest taking a look at our wiki page here for more information on Hotspot functionality.


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