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by anonymous

Hello there,

42 routers RUT950 are not able to connect to RMS but they are online. This happened yesterday around 6 am CET.
In the management status, they freeze on connecting.

They are running on 7.04.2 firmware version.
Also newly updated routers to 7.04.2 or 7.04.3 wont't connect.
We tried to update 10 devices today but we need alot more than that.

Only unregistering and registering device helps but that should't be the way of fixing it.

by anonymous
same here, I have 9 routers indicated as offline on RMS console.
Though the devices attached to it are still working.
Is RMS encountering some issues ?
Thank you !
by anonymous
We have the same situation with the TRB device. Sunday 3:59 PM was the last event registered and it is now 18 hours offline on RMS, however it is connected to the Internet and luckily we can access devices behind on our own way.

Still, we would like use TRB functions, i.e. I/O.
by anonymous
I have the same issue. Router up and running but not online in RMS. Still waiting for a solution.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

I see that the original query was also raised in VIP helpdesk platform, thus further communication will be conducted there.

As for CamilleBltSrz and Dawid Tomczykowski, if your devices are still experiencing RMS issues, please provide your device's serial numbers. I will have them looked at.

Best regards,
by anonymous
We also have a very large number of devices showing offline in RMS however they do have internet connectivity.

Can somebody DM me and I will provide serial numbers?  Is there a problem with the platform at the moment?
by anonymous
It's better now. Thanks for a quick reaction.