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by anonymous

I typed the example in RUTX50 Web-GUI as below. The RUTX50 SMS text cannot accept space character. What is the correct words in SMS text ?  

uci get network.wan.ipaddr

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by anonymous


In SMS commands, you can’t use multiple words, which is why spaces are not allowed. But you can always add arguments to your command when sending an SMS to your router.

To use UCI commands over SMS, there is already a predefined rule for that (which you can customize, to disable the authorization method for examplen - please see this attached Image), so you can simply send an SMS to your router with the command you want, here is an example of how to get your LAN IP address (without authorization method) :

SMS sent to the router => uci get network.lan.ipaddr

Router’s response =>

Now to get your WAN IP address, if your WAN interface uses DHCP, I highly recommend using a customized Send status command, like in this example.

Here you can find more information about UCI commands and SMS utilities :

Best regards,

by anonymous

what is the content in the SMS text of RUTX50 Web-GUI ?

I tried the below condition, and the result is not working.

RUTX50 Web-GUI => network.lan.ipaddr

my phone send SMS to RUTX50=> uci get network.lan.ipaddr

by anonymous


Please note that you don't need to create a new UCI API SMS rule, the rule does already exist, the only thing you need to do is to change the Authorization method (you might want to set it to No authorization if you don't need it)

Your UCI SMS rule should look like this : UCI SMS rule config

And then you can try to send the UCI commands from your phone to your router, for example => uci get network.lan.ipaddr

You should then receive your router's LAN IP address as a response from your router.

Please let me know if you have any more issues with the commands.

Have a great day,