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We are looking to repurpose one of our old RUT950 units from one of our sites which used mobile sims to connect the device to the internet, with an IPSec tunnel running perfectly over this. The site we are moving the router to has very poor mobile signal, so we have removed the sims and instead wanted to connect the site router to the RUT via the RUT's WAN port, and use the tunnel this way. We have noticed that any computers we connect up to the RUT via LAN ports appear to be receiving IP addresses from the router instead of the RUT, so this is one issue we think we need assistance with. We have also noticed that the tunnel is not connecting, so we are wondering if anyone else has had similar issues?

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It would be helpful to have a clear topology diagram to see how everything is interconnected now. A troubleshoot file would also be great. Before you download a troubleshoot file, please, replicate the issue by allowing some time for the device to attempt establishing an IPSec connection and lease DHCP IP addresses. Troubleshoot file can be downloaded from System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot. You can attach the file by editing your question. The attached files are only visibile to Teltonika moderators.

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