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by anonymous

following situation.
1.) an "other" active wifi with internet access is avaiable
2.) on the rutx11 are one lan client and one wifi client connected

goal.) the two clients on the rtux11 should get the internet from the "other" active wifi

so, i know how to connect to rutx11 with the "other" wifi as a client.
but if i do that, the two connected clients on the rutx11 will not get the internet access.
what should i need to configure?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Normally once your router (RUTX11) is connected to "other" WiFi as a client, you should be able to get internet access on your RUTX11 LAN/WiFi clients.

Could you please check whether there is an IP conflict between your RUTX11 LAN network and the "other" WiFi network? if both are using the same subnet (ex:, that could be the root of this issue.

To work this out, you might need to try one of the following solutions : 

1- Enable WiFi WAN on your RUTX11: 

You can use this if you want to isolate your LAN network and use "other" only as a WAN source. Here is a video that shows how to change your LAN Network address and enable WiFi WAN on your router: How to Enable WiFi WAN on Teltonika Networks Routers

2- Configure your RUTX11 to work on relay mode: 

This works as a relayed extension of "other" WiFi network and your clients will be directly connected to it. Please follow the instructions in this Wiki article to configure relay mode on your router:

Best regards,