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by anonymous

I have discovered that the validation of the IO Scheduler Rules for the RUT955 is broken in FWver 7.4.1.

Previously we had setup rules to trigger the digital or analog output from 19:00 and then stop the trigger at 05:00 the next morning (see screengrab1).

Now if you try this - you get a validation fail message "Scheduler interval starting time is greater than the ending time" (screengrab2).

Currently the only way around this is to create 2 rules from 19:00 to 23:59 and then from 00:00 to 05:00. This is needlessly inefficient - not to mention that the graphical scheduler interface of FWv6 & prev was much easier to use.

This is the second of these validation issues that are now in play - see my earlier post regarding DDNS custom URL validation that is still not fixed from FWv7.3
by anonymous
I have been able to create a rule and enable it using the CLI and uci commands however this would only be an interim measure.
by anonymous
I can also confirm that this is still broken in v7.4.3 current firmware.
by anonymous
I've got this same problem with an RUTX10, FW version 7.04.2, however it happens only when setting up a schedule instance that starts on a Saturday and ends on a Sunday. E.g. 17:00 on Saturday to 7:00 on Sunday, i get the error. Any other days e.g. Monday to Tuesday it is fine.
by anonymous
Thanks michaeld,

I agree, it seems to be a validation calculation from Saturday to Sunday, which numerically would be day 6 (Sat) and day 0 (Sun) which produces the error.

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by anonymous

For some reason I can't see the screenshot you sent, maybe you could send it again so I can analyze the problem in more detail.
I would also like to ask if you want the I/O off/on for the whole week from 19:00 to 5:00 or only for certain days?
It is possible that this is an issue, but to make sure, I need additional information mentioned above.

Best regards,
by anonymous
I've added another Screen grab that shows my rules and the message that shows the error message.
by anonymous
In answer to your question, yes I want to be able to turn off certain pieces of equipment overnight using the Digital IO and an external switching device on systems that use solar power to conserve power.

The crazy thing is that this used to work in ver7.2.7 and previous but now I'm getting this error.

It seems the validation for these rules is not working correctly.