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by anonymous
Hello, I have a question about the RUT955 device. I have a RUT955 device. I have a public address on the WAN interface. What I would need to do is to access the camera system (NVR) through this public ip address. Simply, the camera system (NVR) will be connected to the LAN port of RUT955. My point is that if I enter a public IP address in the application to access the cameras, which is on the WAN interface, it accesses under some port, so I will be redirected to the camera system (NVR) under the port under which the NVR communicates. Do you understand me?

Thank you

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by anonymous


The Wiki page explains how to configure a surveillance system that can be managed remotely via VPN or static public IP address.
Could you please check it here:

Maybe this will help you solve this issue.

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