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by anonymous

Dear all

I recently purchased a 955 Router for my RV,  and already got 2 issues:

1) Firmware upgrade issue:

Device came with a 2018 firmware version, I was only able to upgrade to 6.2, however  (2019), however newer ones (Versions 7.x) does not seem compatible with the device as after checking the archive, it displays an error message:

File Type Release date Size MD5 Changelog
RUT9_R_00.07.04.3_WEBUI.bin Latest FW 2023.05.11 12.4 MB 9b3732cd678554aa7b7f2f14b85fc02d Link
RUT9_R_00.07.04.2_WEBUI.bin Mass production FW 2023.04.18 11.8 MB 158dcebc1ed0d0e021736892bc7cfd0d Link
RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5_WEBUI.bin Latest FW (legacy)* 2023.05.19 12.9 MB 466ebf15d87b57f8f0a2f4291906b193 Link

2) Wifi Wan not available 

As you can see at the pic enclosed, there is no Scan option within Wan section, hence I cannot scan and/or connect to nearby wifi.

Been checking youtube videos, showing a newer interface on which you can set admin access view, however my interface does not display this particular option. Tried  as well by resetting device from scratch following wizard but didnt work either.

I would highly appreciate feedback as Its a very expensive piece and definitely need to connect to other wifi networks from my RV.

Thanks in advance



Here I come again with some feedback:

1) 6.09.5 upgrade, no issue at all, any chance to get a link for the 6.2 just to give it a try please?.

Tried out to upgrade thru the server and currently detected a V 7.0, however see what happens upon pics enclosed.

*Wan as main for wifi, there is no way I can select that. only 2 options are the ones being shown.

Certainly I am quite frustrated as I was by far not aware of 2 different HW versions for the 955 model, which could difer as much as not to be supported anymore. I definitely need to have Wifi scan functionality enabled.

BTW, product code is RUT955H7V ******** series.

Would highly appreciate support on this please.

by anonymous


RUT955 firmware downloads page has a following notification:

  • FW version RUT9_R_00.07.00 and above will not be supported on legacy-design (RUT955 *7V***) devices.

Which applies to your device.

Wireless WAN is already selected.

Now press Save button now. Interfaces should reorder and a new option "Scan" appear next to wireless interface:

The device should now perform a scan of nearby access points an return the result.

Best regards,

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by anonymous


You forgot to attach the other side of your ID laugh.

Jokes aside, it is very likely, that your device has a hardware revision, which does not support firmware versions 7.0 and above. Update to 6.09.5 might be difficult due to 6.2 being very old and requiring updates to intermediate versions, before it starts to accept it. 

Also, in legacy firmware versions, in order to have Wireless Station Mode configuration, wireless has to be selected as main WAN in Network -> WAN. Then an option Add, giving a list of available SSIDs, should appear in Network -> Wireless. Of course, I am not familiar with firmwares below 6.08, thus differences are possible.

One thing I would like you to share is the product code of your device.

In order to speed up firmware update process, download 6.09.5 firmware file (download link), and perform the update following instructions provided here.  

Best regards,

by anonymous

Its certainly a bit frustrating for me getting what, In appearance, was a brand-new device, which seems to be outdated....

I will upgrade as per instructions and get back to the chat.

As you could see, I am not a techie person however will be more careful next time not sharing unnecessary info :)