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by anonymous
I am experiencing issue with a RUT950 running FW RUT9_R_00.07.02.7_WEBUI.bin - On the overview and system menu items/displays in the webGUI, no data is shown.

I have already reloaded the firmware via the bootloader and the problem persists.

Also see attached troubleshooting file from the unit.

2 Answers

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by anonymous


I see that screenshots are made via AnyDesk, thus I assume the device is accessed and controlled remotely. Is it possible that slow response is only a result of slow internet connectivity and high latency?

I also have noticed that the router contains settings from legacy firmware versions, thus I assume that previous firmware updates were performed with keeping device's configuration. Could you try reset to factory default settings?

Other than that, the attached troubleshoot file does not indicate any issues, like memory leaks, no free space, flash faults or any other errors, which could lead to slow performance. The issue might be hardware related.

One more thing that can be attempted is to update to RUT9_R_00.07.04.3, with Keep settings option disabled, unless you have reasons to stay on 7.02.7. In this case, at least try reset to factory defaults.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thank you for the advice, and for checking the troubleshooting file.

In terms of the connection - I was connected to a laptop that was in turn connected to the RUT via Ethernet cable, so the latency in that connection is not the issue.

I did the firmware reload again, this time opting to not keep the settings,and this seems to have corrected the issue.

We specifically opted to stay on that firmware version, as we were seeing connection anomalies when using later firmware versions, and we had to standardize across a large network.

I will keep monitoring the unit to see if the issue reoccurs.

Best regards
by anonymous
Good afternoon

After doing the firmware reload and clearing all the stored settings on the unit (which appeared to help initially) the unit again started displaying the same behaviour a few days later.

Is there anything else that I can try?

Best regards
by anonymous
Can't really think of possible reasons. Did you also update router's firmware?

Did you make any configuration changes on the router, ran any custom scripts or installed additional packages?

Could you attach a new troubleshoot file?

Best regards,
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by anonymous
I have now asked my colleagues to update to the latest firmware (my hesitance in the past was that we upgraded firmware and saw some instability in the units staying connected to the network (the network that we are connecting too itself isn't great, but the legacy firmware that we are using across the network seems to be stable).

I have asked them to get me a new troubleshooting file, then upgrade the firmware, send me a new troubleshooting file, and then keep monitoring the unit.