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by anonymous
Hello, I would need some help regarding the modifications to be made in RMS to add the new IP addresses and ports. Could you please let me know in which section of the settings I should make these changes? Thank you in advance.

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By default, all Teltonika Networks products use the domain name "" as a hostname to connect to Teltonika RMS (Here is an example of RMS Settings).

In this case, you don't need to do any changes in your router's configuration as the IP address will switch automatically whenever it's necessary (this is done at the DNS level, no further action is needed from the end device).

In case you're using the device within a network that has restrictions on inbound and outbound traffic, it's recommended to allow traffic to/from the new IP addresses and ports to maintain connectivity between your device and RMS. You may also want to check whether your ISP is blocking traffic from/to these IP addresses and ports.

Here you can find the list of new RMS IP addresses and ports:

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by anonymous
Thank you very much Ismail