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by anonymous

I am writing to you because I need help with integrating an OpenVPN client into a Teltonika RUT241 router. I created a VPN server on which I added a routing to be able to communicate with the devices in LAN behind my RUT241. The problem is that when I implement the VPN client in the RUT241, the RUT241 goes into default, and I can't connect to it anymore. I have to restart it without the SIM card (without internet connection) to be able to connect to it locally again.

Do you know if the RUT241 supports a VPN client with IP address forwarding? If so, is a specific configuration required?

Attached, a trouble shooting file and a diagram of what I want to do (with 2 RUT241 for 2 differents sites). You'll also find an extract of my OpenVPN Client.

Here are the IP ranges used:

OpenVPN. 10.8.0.x

LAN: 192.168.10.x

Thanks for your help and best regards

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by anonymous


Theres not much in the logs as these were generated when the router had no internet access, so the OpenVPN fails from the start because it cannot even reach the server.

However, from your description, it seems that you may be pushing the route to the network from the OpenVPN server to your client, which has a LAN network of as well. As a result, when the tunnel goes up, all LAN traffic gets routed over the OpenVPN tunnel and you cannot access the router from the LAN.

Could you check what routes are you pushing from your OpenVPN server?

Make sure that each OpenVPN client has a different LAN subnet as well.

I would also suggest taking a look at our wiki page here for OpenVPN configuration.

Kind Regards,