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I am hoping to develop a rapid deploy arrangement using a single Teltonika device.

The goal is to connect the Teltonika router to a Customers LAN, then extending the LAN to Wi-Fi so that I may troubleshoot wirelessly whilst on site.

Ideally the router would connect to LAN via DHCP and the Wi-Fi addressing would be static. The strategy is to move away from traditional long patch cables whilst on site.

Most of the customer networks are LAN only, no external internet connection as they are used for industrial control networks.

Having password protection on the Wi-Fi would be an added bonus.

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by anonymous


By default, RUT bridges the wired LAN and WiFi under one interface called br-lan. This means when you're connected to the RUT via WiFi, you should have access to devices on the ethernet LAN ports as well. The router's LAN ports come with a pre-configured DHCP server, allowing LAN devices to automatically acquire IP addresses when they connect to the RUT. As a result, you can easily reach these devices over WiFi.

If you find it necessary to assign specific, static IP addresses to the connected devices, there is an option to set static IP leases in Network -> Interfaces -> Static leases.

The WiFi password can also be changed through the router's WiFi security settings, where you can configure other security settings as well. For this, simply navigate to Network -> Wireless -> edit WiFi instance -> Security.

More information about the WiFi is available on our wiki page here (RUTX11 page, but is similar to other devices as well).

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