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by anonymous
HI, I using my RUT950 to connect to the primary router in my house, prior to installing in my campervan. The router has been factory reset and I have followed the guidance to configure bridge mode. The connection worked first time but I am unable to get speeds more than 15mbps.

I can connect a spare TP-link router via bridge more and get speeds over 60mbps, this suggests the limitation is with the RUT950. Please can you advise of any other settings I should look at? I have ruled out the environment and am located 4 metres away from the primary router, in line of sight.

Help... :-)

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by anonymous

What is the model of the TP-Link router, it could be, that the router used there has a higher category modem which allows higher speeds, also, it could be that our router, by accidents, connects to a weaker band, looking for other bands available and setting them manually could be a solution too.

You can find info on how to set a band manually here: