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by anonymous
Good evening,

I have recently fallen completely in love with Teltonika products. I have now purchased a rut955 for a hobby project. I would like to know if it is possible to get a trigger via the IO ports when there is a power cut in a separate 230v circuit. How do I handle that? Can someone give me a hint? Do I need an optocoupler for this?

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by anonymous



We're glad you are enjoying our products!

I assume the 230V circuit is a single phase and AC, is that correct?

If so, a few things would be needed:

  • A full-wave (bridge) rectifier to convert the voltage to DC;
  • A way to step down the voltage;

Then you could use either the digital I/O or analog I/O to determine whether the circuit is energized.

Some more information about the I/O capabilities can be found here (please note the voltage limits!).

After everything is connected physically, I/O Juggler (Services → Input / Output → I/O Juggler) can be used to set up a rule, that will send a message / send an email / trigger the digital output, etc. 

Let me know if you need some more details on any part!


Best regards,