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by anonymous

we have some problems with RUT995 Teltonika GPS web connectivity.

We installed the RUT995 in a bus with a series of wired connection to a monitor PC Aesys Zenith with Windows 10 and a control unit onnect with a led Panel. The RUT995 works as GPS to obtain geographical coordinates, as a swittch for manage wired connection and as a mobile router for internet connection.

In the PC we also installed Anydesk as remote control software.

For about a week everything works fine, the mobile connection was stable, and it was possible to connect to the pc remotely perfectly.

But after a week the mobile connection suddenly dead. All our attempts to reconnect failed and the router was no longer able to connect to the web.

Attached is the full router backup. Can you check if there are some hardware or software problems?

Thank you very much.


1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello Francesco,

After going through the Troubleshoot file I have noticed that the mobile signal strength parameters are showing below recommended signal strength 

you can check this by yourself using the Web-UI at

Status -> Network -> Mobile window

and compare with the results here as these are the recommended strength parameters

Make sure to connect all the Antennas (Main & Aux) and they are connected to their respective slots.

I have also noticed that you are using an old firmware ,please update to the latest firmware and recheck

this will be probably due to poor signal quality in the area.



by anonymous
Thank you for your quick reply.

We checked and the Antennas are connected in the right slots, This morning the connection is ok and the signal is strong (about -73 dBm).

We checked also the log of our software and we found that every early morning the connection is up but around the 10-11 am the connection go down. Could be a problem of temperature? The router is placed inside an internal compartment of the bus and maybe the absence of air conditioned coud be increase the temperature and influence the correct functioning og the device. It's possible?

Have you some suggestions to solve this problem?

Thank you very much,

by anonymous

Hello Francesco,

Our operating temperatures are up to 75 C

So this should be fine as the temperature in the troubleshoot file shows a maximum of 52 C, please provide us with the troubleshoot file of when it works and when it doesn't so I could look into it.



by anonymous


this morning the connection is ok so I could connect to the PC and download the backup and troubleshoot package of operating router. I attach together the last troubleshoot file of not operating router.

Thank you again, I wait your answer.

best regard, Francesco


by anonymous

Hello Francesco

Based on the troubleshoot file ,its noticed that you are using the legacy firmware,RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.2

Please update to the latest firmware RUT9XX_R_00.07.04.3 and make sure to not keep settings(you'll have to reconfigure)


Web-UI-System>Firmware>browse the downloaded file from above

and check if the issue persist. 

thanks and regards