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by anonymous

product RUT955T03XXX, firmware RUT9_R_00.07.04.2

When you go to diagnostics and select "Ping", "IPv4" and give a DNS name as address, the router resolves it to IPv6 instead.

I believe this is a bug. I would expect the router resolves the DNS name to its IPv4 adress and attempts a ping on that.

Here is a screenshot. As you can see from the shell:

"nei-rai2.vpn" does have a valid IPv4 adress and also answers to it.

However, there is no valid IPv6 routing to this adress. Therefore, the router responds "permission denied".

2 Answers

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by anonymous



This hostname does not seem to have any DNS records associated with it. Perhaps it is private?

Google DNS also contains both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, yet ping selects the IPv4 address:

Perhaps you could provide a different domain to test this on?


Best regards,

Best answer
by anonymous
If I select as adress, the router relsolves correctly to IPv4 or IPv6, depending on the Protocol field.

nei-rai2.vpn is resolved via a private DNS server of an OpenVPN connection. As you can see from my screenshot, the router attempts the IPv6 although IPv4 is selected.

Maybe an issue only with OpenVPN DNS servers, then?
by anonymous

Could you run a regular ping command without the -4 argument in the Windows PowerShell and attach the results?

Additionally, the nslookup command on this domain name from the router would also be useful. Thank you.


Best regards,

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by anonymous
Thanks for the nslookup tip!

I realize that the router's vpn connection
1. did not have the correct VPN DNS servers configured and
2. did not have network access to nei-rai2.vpn anyway (external firewall block).

all is ok, then.