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by anonymous
I have an RUT955 that appears to be continually rebooting itself.   I managed to get into the bootloader and downgrade the firmware to a Legacy version, but was still unable to get into the web interface.

I have managed to gain SSH Access to it and it seems to allow me in for a while, but will kick me out, I suspect when its rebooting.

Any ideas what I might be able to do in SSH to get it back up and running.

Dont particularly want to go through the RMA Process.


1 Answer

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by anonymous


Thank you for providing information.
If you can access SSH you can try to use this command: cat /etc/version and send me the output. Use this command: logread -f and wait for the device to reboot and also send me the output.
It may be that there is a problem with the power cable or Hardware , so if you have the opportunity , change it to another power cable and see if it helps to solve issue or you can try flash the latest version firmware through the bootloader.

Please let me know if it helped to solve issue.

 Best regards,

by anonymous

Unfortunately will not let me get in  with SSH today, nor WebGUI.

Starting to believe its a hardware fault, and the reason why is that the Power and LAN light is on (where I have a cable plugged in), however there are no lights on the right hand side.

If I reboot the router, I will get a single red light on the right, then after a min it goes off.

Only thing I can actually get in with is Bootloader mode, and have flashed a legacy firmware, but doesnt seem to have done anything.

Also pressing the RESET button for factory reset, does nothing either.

The following is the LIGHTS sequence upon power on:

All LAN lights flash on

5 seconds later

5 seconds later
70 Seconds later
ALL LAN Lights on for approx 5 seconds then go off

Leaving no lights at all, then approx min later will restart the above lights procedure

Power supply has been swapped over from a new unit.

LAN cable has been changed for a new one, nothing seems to make any difference

by anonymous
Thank you for providing information.

Please can you try flash the latest version firmware through the bootloader.
If this does not help to solve the problems , contact the warranty.

 Best regards,