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by anonymous
I am setting up the Modbus registers on the TRB145 via a screen share session with my IT department over the internet.   When I plug the modem into My computer (windows 10) it uses the TRB145 as the internet connection and deactivates my Wi-Fi. (I have a sim card inserted in the TRB145 as we need the connection to set the communication to our backend) Please could you assist me on how to set my PC not to allow the modem to connect to the internet as during the screen share session we use all the data on the sim card. I require my PC to keep the Wi-Fi connection when I plug the TRB145 into my PC.

Many thanks,

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by anonymous


There are a couple of ways you can go about this:

Probably the easiest one is to set metrics to the related interfaces on your Windows 10 computer. To achieve this, open Settings app. Go to Network & Internet -> Status -> Advanced network settings -> Change adapter options

Select an interface, right click -> Properties. Press once on Internet protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), click on Properties. At the bottom of a new window press Advanced... Uncheck Automatic metric and enter the metric value manually. The idea is that the lower the metric, the higher the interface priority, thus, in order for the WiFi to remain operational, when a wired connection is also available, WiFi interface must have a lower number, while NDIS interface should have a bigger number set. 

Alternatively, you can try configuring a firewall rule, preventing traffic from a specified LAN device to reach internet, on your TRB. Login to TRB's WebUI, navigate to Network -> Firewall -> Traffic rules. At the bottom of the page create a new instance of Add new forward rule type, give it a name, select source zone as lan, set destination zone to wan, press Add. In a new configuration window set source IP address the LAN IP of your computer, then set option Action to Drop.

Best regards,