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by anonymous

Since I traveled through Albania I cannot get any internet connection any more. I had a working setup, and from one day to the other things didn't work any more.

The device finds a LTE-band on which it could connect (because the signal is good, the SIM-credentials are right, and there is nothing configured that does prohibit the use of that connection), but the device keeps on searching some other band. Even if I force the router to use this connection, he finds it, but he does not connect to.

To get a reproducible state to find the error, I did a complete factory reset - but still: no connection at all.

Now, I am in Greece, and I use the same Vodafone card that I was using some month ago, but also here: no connection.

"Sadly", everything works well with my Huawei-USB-Stick - in Albania and also in Greece.

To sum it up, here is what I do (but it leaves me without a working internet connection):

* Factory reset

* Connect by wire

* Try to log in with old credentials (failed)

* Log in with factory credentials (admin admin01)

* Set new admin password

* Within the displayed wizard, adjusted time and date to browser time/date

* Leave LAN settings as is

* Mobile settings: adjusted to use custom APN ("internet") without authentication and without PIN (not even entered into the PIN-field)

* Leave Wireless settings as is (pw: z2P4RmUd)

* Disabled RMS and Finished wizard

* Took some screenshots of the mobile connection state (attached)

* Disconnected the antenna

* Took screenshot of the mobile connection state (attached with name no_antenna.png)

* Generated troubleshoot file (attached)

* Verified that the connection works with my HUAWEI-Stick with same APN/PIN settings (on the picture you can see that traceroute uses, which is the huawei modem)

So: I can see, that there is a good signal with which the modem could connect, but it does not.

I spent already hours (!!!) to find a solution (most of the time waiting for reboot- or config- being applied...)

Could you please tell me, what I can do, to get this thing working. Do I need a new Router? Is it broke?

Kind regards


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by anonymous

I will consult the developers about this issue. But before that, I would like you to confirm that the same SIM was previously working with the same RUT955 router.

Best regards,
by anonymous

thanks for taking the time. Yes, both SIM-cards (the one from Greece and the one from Albania) were working with that Router before.