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by anonymous

Is there a way to switch back to the Original view, there was a recent UI update and we are missing data.  For all of our Teltonikas, we placed notes in the "Description" fields and now this information is gone.

2 Answers

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by anonymous

To better understand your request, it would be helpful, if you could provide specific firmware versions with features you reference present and missing, along with some supplementary screenshots.  

Best regards,
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by anonymous
The UI to to manage Devices has changed. Each of our Teltonikas has notes about the device (IP addresses, etc), we were notating this information in an editable box that was called "Description."  That box is now gone.  We now have to place it back into view by using the "Add Custom Box" link.

I could not find it previously but now there seems to be no way to edit and or add to what is already in place there?